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Blood Wedding by Federico García Lorca

Blood Wedding by Federico García Lorca 

Federico Garcia Lorca wrote the play "Blood Wedding". It offers a story that is both depressing and compelling. Tragic love is the theme of the drama. There is a love triangle involving the characters. A bride, groom, and another man who adores the bride are present. The drama is set in a small community. Strong emotions like love, anger, and retaliation are abundant in it. The narrative demonstrates how human behavior can result in a catastrophic outcome. It can make you reflect on your life's decisions because it is a mixture of emotions. "Blood Wedding" is a strong drama with strong emotions and a memorable plot. 

A young man called the bridegroom walks into his house to tell his mother that he's going to cut grapes in their vineyard, but this makes his mother worry. The mother curses knives and talks about how members of the Felix family killed the bridegroom's father and brother. She's upset that the murderers were only put in jail and are still alive, which she thinks isn't enough of a punishment. The spouse attempts to switch up the conversation by enlightening his mom concerning his arrangements to get hitched, and he prevails with regard to doing as such. The mother is glad for him, yet she additionally brings up that she doesn't have the foggiest idea about the young lady and that everything is going on rapidly. She agrees to meet the bride and her father that Sunday to make the wedding plans official. "I don't like it when you go out, my son. You never know what can happen to a body outside the house." 

The Bride's Road to Marriage

A neighbor comes in and converses with the spouse's mom, inquiring as to whether she has a lot of insight into the young lady her child will wed. The neighbor tells her that the bride is a pretty young woman whose father lives far away. The young lady's mom is dead, and the lady of the hour's dad is said to have a terrible standing. The neighbor tells the bridegroom's mother that the bride was dating Leonardo Felix very seriously. Leonardo ended up marrying the girl's cousin instead. "The bride's father is said to be a bad lot." 

The Bride's Road to Marriage

Leonardo Felix Being Linked to the Bride 

She became upset when the bridegroom's mother heard about Leonardo Felix being linked to his son's bride. However, his neighbor tells her to calm down and reminds her that Leonardo was only eight when their families fought. In the next scene, Leonardo's wife and mother-in-law try to calm his Baby by singing a lullaby about a horse. When Leonardo arrives home, he tells them he's been at the blacksmith's getting new horseshoes because his horse always breaks them. "The Felix family has been linked to us for generations." 

Leonardo Felix Being Linked to the Bride

Getting to Know the Bride  

On Sunday, the bridegroom and his mother drive four hours to meet the bride and her father. As the father walks in, he starts talking about his land, boasting that he had to punish it to get it to grow. The guardians concur that the wedding ought to happen the next Thursday, which is additionally the 22nd birthday of the lady. Before long, the bride enters and accepts gifts from the bridegroom's mother. The bride's solemn mood is noticed by the mother. "You know what getting married is, child." 

The Bride's Doubts 

The bridegroom leaves with his mother, leaving the bride alone with her servant. The servant tells the bride to open her gifts, but the bride is disinterested. The servant accuses the bride of not being interested in getting married. "For God's sake!" cried out the servant. "It seems like you're not interested in getting married." 

The bride admits to seeing Leonardo outside her window the previous night, despite initially denying it. Infuriating her servant, the bride tosses the orange blossom wreath the groom gave her as she gets ready for the wedding.

"Don't tempt fate by throwing the flowers on the floor. You don't want to get married, do you?" says the servant. The bride feels a cold wind blowing through her but admits that she loves the bridegroom. Leonardo enters the room, despite the servant's attempt to stop him. "That's a big step," the bride says. 

The Runaway Lovers 

The bride and Leonardo argue about their "Blood Wedding" past and how she's about to marry someone else. Leonardo confesses that he loves the bride and that it's a mistake for her to get married. "Keep quiet and burning is the worst punishment we can give ourselves," says Leonardo. 

Even though the bride wants to be strong, she admits that just hearing his voice makes her weak. After being forced to leave by the servant, Leonardo and the bridegroom and their guests head to the bride's father's house for the wedding reception. When Leonardo's wife comes running through the party looking for him, it is discovered that he and the bride have run off together. "It's time for blood again," says the bridegroom's mother. 

A group of woodcutters discusses the runaway lovers, but an old beggar woman representing death shows up and predicts that they will not make it past the nearby stream. The bridegroom and his helper set out to find the couple along with the woman asking for money. But they're too late, and the lovers come out to discuss how dangerous their situation is. The couple agrees that only death will separate them.

Plot Summary of Blood Wedding 

Three little girls are seen in the dark woods playing with a ball of red yarn after a wedding. They discuss what has happened and wonder why none of the wedding guests have returned. The old woman who begs for money finally appears and tells the girls that Leonardo and the bridegroom have died. "The groom and Leonardo, both are dead," says the old woman.

The Bride and the Bridegroom's Mother

After leaving the woods, the bridegroom's mother and her neighbor come to talk about what happened at the blood wedding. The bridegroom's mother mourns, saying her son and everyone else who went to the wedding are now dead. She tells the neighbor that she is no longer afraid of any danger since she has already lost everything.

"I'll sleep at midnight, and I won't be afraid of a gun or a knife," says the bridegroom's mother. 

The Bride and the Bridegroom's Mother

The Bride's Grief 

The bride arrives and starts to express her grievances towards the groom's mother. The bride confesses that she was burning from the inside out and wanted her marriage to give her children, land, and health. She reveals that Leonardo was like a dark river that took her away. "I was a woman who was burning from the inside out, and your son was a tiny drop of water that I hoped would give me children, land, and health," says the bride. "He was like a dark river that took me away," she adds. 

The Bridegroom's Mother Mourns

The bridegroom's mother cannot control her emotions and hits the bride. The bride takes the hit and desires to cry with the older woman. As the two grieve, they speak in verse as other people arrive and cry about the dead. "I just want to cry with you," says the bride to the bridegroom's mother.


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